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Dollywood Harvest Festival Guide 2023

Dollywood Harvest Festival pumpkin tower
Photo by @dollywood, photo collage by discoverthegreatsmokies.com

Dollywood Harvest Festival Guide

Going to Dollywood this fall? We are sharing our guide that includes everything you need to know about Dollywood’s Harvest Festival including the special seasonal foods, fall decorations, and shows.

There is nothing quite like the Smoky Mountains in the fall! In the fall, the Smokies come alive in colors of red, orange, and yellow. The same can be said for Dollywood. Every year, Dollywood puts up their fall best and celebrates with their Harvest Festival.

During Dollywood’s Harvest Festival, the park is not only decorated for the fall season, but features unique seasonal foods, drinks, treats and special entertainment. Dollywood is surrounded by the amazing sights, sounds, and smells of fall!

Dollywood Harvest Festival decorations collage
Photos by media/dollywood.com, cat pumpkin photo and collage by discoverthegreatsmokies.com

Harvest Festival Décor

During the Harvest Festival, Dollywood is decorated with so many pumpkins, over 12,000 to be exact. There are even colossal pumpkins that weigh between 800 and 1500 pounds each! The most popular décor item during the Harvest Festival is the pumpkin tree. This pumpkin tree stands 40 feet tall and is the best photo opt during the Harvest Festival. It can be found in Showstreet.  New for 2023 is the Harvest Sky. Watch in awe as the thousands of shimmering fall leaves sway in the breeze in the Showstreet sky.

picture of decorated sugar cookies that look like pumpkins.
Photo by media/blog.dollywood.com

Harvest Festival Video

Harvest Festival Food

During the Harvest Festival, the food at Dollywood gets a fall makeover. Many of Dollywood’s amazing treats and dishes boast new flavors featuring apple and pumpkin. 

We have included the full Harvest Festival menu below so you can check out the new fall beverages, savory dishes, and sweet treats.

Photo of wassail.
Photo by dollywood.com

Harvest Festival Beverages

  • Autumn Apple Palmer : Market Square BIG SKILLET® | Map #114
  • Pumpkin Pie Punch : Seasonal Culinary Booth | Map #116A
  • Pumpkin Spice Cold Brew : Spotlight Bakery | Map #23 & Splinter’s Funnel Cakes | Map #43
  • Sparkling Berry Apple Cider : Market Square Potatoes | Map #115
  • Wassail : Seasonal Culinary Booth | Map #116B
A photo of a smoked brat sandwich.
Photo by dollywood.com

Harvest Festival Savory Bites

  • BBQ Chicken Loaded Sweet Potato : Seasonal Culinary Booth | Map #116A
  • Chicken & Smoked Sausage Gumbo : Seasonal Culinary Booth | Map #116B
  • Harvest Pulled Pork Loaded Mac & Cheese : Miss Lillian’s BBQ Corner | Map #69
  • Harvest Pulled Pork Sandwich : Seasonal Culinary Booth | Map #116B
  • Pork Belly Loaded Sweet Potato : Seasonal Culinary Booth | Map #116A
  • Pumpkin Sausage & Ricotta Flatbread : Iron Horse Pizza | Map #82
  • Pumpkin Sausage & Ricotta Pizza : Lumber Jack’s Pizza | Map #33
  • Salted Maple Potato Tornado : Market Square Potatoes | Map #115
  • Smoked Brat Sandwich : Market Square BIG SKILLET® | Map #114
  • Spiced Pumpkin Bisque & Toasted Pepitas : Market Square BIG SKILLET® | Map #114
  • Three Bean Pumpkin Chili : Miss Lillian’s BBQ Corner | Map #69
  • Vegetarian Chili Loaded Sweet Potato : Seasonal Culinary Booth | Map #116A
A photo of a pumpkin pie funnel cake.
Photo by dollywood.com

Harvest Festival Sweet Treats

  • Belgian Waffle Heath Ice Cream Sandwich : Showstreet Ice Cream | Map #21
  • Harvest Treats : Spotlight Bakery | Map #23
  • Pumpkin Pie Funnel Cake : Crossroads Funnel Cakes | Map #111 & Splinter’s Funnel Cakes | Map #43
  • Pumpkin Spice Milkshake : Showstreet Ice Cream | Map #21

Harvest Festival Tasting Pass

 A fun way to taste your way around the flavors of fall during Harvest Festival is to purchase a Harvest Festival Tasting Pass. It allows you to try up to five festival foods for one low price. You can purchase your Harvest Festival Tasting Pass ahead of time on the Dollywood website or on their app. Gold and Diamond Season Passholders save $3 off on the Harvest Festival Tasting Pass!

Dollywood Great Pumpkin LumiNights photo collage
Photo by media/@dollywood, photo collage by discoverthegreatsmokies.com

Great Pumpkin LumiNights 

When the sun goes down during the Harvest Festival, the Great Pumpkin LumiNights begin. Thousands of glowing pumpkin displays can be found all through out the park.

Some of the most popular pumpkin displays are the Sunflowers (Wildwood Grove), Frogs (Timber Canyon), and Hoot Owl Hollow (Craftsman’s Valley). There are also many larger than life pumpkin displays as well. The Pumpkin Spider (Wilderness Pass), Dolly’s Guitar (Craftsman’s Valley), and the Pumpkin Butterfly (Wildwood Grove) are the most popular. But the centerpiece of Great Pumpkin LumiNights is the pumpkin tree. This pumpkin tree is 40 foot tall. 

Dollywood music performance

Photo by discoverthegreatsmokies.com

Harvest Festival Entertainment

Music always fills the air during the Harvest Festival. The entertainment line-up features bluegrass, country and southern gospel music performances daily across the streets and stages of Dollywood. Here is the calendar of all of the special Harvest Festival performances so you can make sure not to miss your favorites.

Harvest Festival Crafts

Don’t overlook the special artesian crafts that are being offered at Dollywood during the Harvest Festival. Dollywood has six different master craftsmen that make and sell a specific craft throughout the year. But during the Harvest Festival, many craftsmen from all over meet in Dollywood to sell their crafts. Each craftsman brings a different type of craft to Dollywood.  A returing craft for 2023 is pumpkin carving. Watch as master craftmen carve pumpkins with your very own eyes. Some of the other items include seasonal wood cravings, blown glass, metal work, and candles.

Dollywood Harvest festival crafts photo collage
Photos by media/@dollywood, photo collage by discoverthegreatsmokies.com

When Will Dollywood’s Harvest Festival Start?

The Harvest Festivals starts September 20, 2023 and ends October 30, 2023. The park will also have a limited operating schedule throughout the event, closing on select days. Dollywood will be open 10 am-9 pm each day of operation during the festival, with LumiNights starting each night at sunset. Make sure to check dates on the Dollywood calendar for days of operation when planning your trip to the Harvest Festival.

Dollywood Harvest Festival

The Harvest Festival is the time when Dollywood comes alive with fall beauty, features seasonal foods, fun fall decorations and displays, and special entertainment. The scents, sounds, and sights of fall in the Smokies bring a gorgeous seasonal majesty to the park. We hope that our guide to Dollywood’s Harvest Festival will help you have an amazing experience at Dollywood this fall!

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