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The BEST Things To Do At Ober Mountain In Gatlinburg TN

Ober Mountain train during the winter and snow covered mountain.
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Best Things To Do At Ober Mountain

Visiting Ober Mountain? We are sharing the best things to do at Ober Mountain during any time of the year. There are so many fun activities, outdoor activities, and even some year-round attractions. From snow activities to scenic rides, there is something on this list for the whole family to enjoy on their trip to Ober Mountain.

picture of girl snowtubing at Ober Mountain
Photo by @obermountain

Snow Tubing

Grab an inner tube and take up a ride on the outdoor escalator up to the top of the tubing hill for some exciting snow tubing. Enjoy the speeding ride down a 50 foot sledding hill. Each session is 90 minutes letting you get plenty of sledding rounds in. Ages 6 and up can ride in a tube alone, while kids ages 3-5 must ride with an adult. Snow Tubing at Ober is a great activity for people of all ages. They even make their own snow! Snow Tubing at Ober Mountain is a fun thrill ride in the winter.

photo collage of people skiing and snowboarding at Ober Mountain
Photos by @obermountain, photo collage by A Roberts/discoverthegreatsmokies.com

Skiing & Snowboarding

Ober Mountain is most known for their ski area, so you can’t go without skiing or snowboarding. Grab a pair of skis or your snowboard and hit the ski slopes. There are many different slopes to choose from for all levels. Ober Mountain even offers lessons for the inexperienced skiers or snowboarders. The ski resort is usually open in early to mid December and close in early to mid March.

picture of kids playing in the snow at Ober Mountain
Photo by @obermountain

The Snow Zone

The Snow Zone is the perfect way to experience snow for all ages at Ober Mountain. Make snow angels, snowmen, or just enjoy the beauty of fresh snow. The Snow Zone is open during the ski season (mid December through early to mid March). The Snow Zone is an amazing way to enjoy snow at Ober Mountain for young kids.

picture of kids riding the alpine slide at Ober Mountain
Photo by @obermountain

Alpine Slide

Hop aborted a sled-like cart and enjoy the ride through the Smoky Mountains on Ober’s Alpine Slide. Use the lever to control your speed as you slide down any of the parallel tracks. Race friends or just enjoy the beauty of the mountains on this thrilling slide. The Alpine Slide is a fun and thrilling ride at Ober Mountain.

picture of people riding the chairlift at Ober Mountain
Photo by @obermountain

Scenic Chairlift

Enjoy the breathtaking view of the Great Smoky Mountains on The Scenic Chairlift. On this peaceful and scenic ride, guests take a seat on the chairlift as it takes guests on a ride over an 779 foot rise in elevation and a 3019 feet in length. This makes it one of the longest chairlifts in the United States. The Scenic Chairlift is a wonderful way to experience the beauty and wonder of the Smoky Mountains.

photo collage of animals at Ober Mountain
Photos by obergatlinburg.com, photo collage by A Roberts/discoverthegreatsmokies.com

Wildlife Encounter

Witness some of east Tennessee’s native animal species at Ober’s Wildlife Encounter. There are a list of different animals at the encounter including: river otters, birds of prey, raccoons, bobcats, snakes, skunks, flying squirrels, and, of course, black bears. The Wildlife Encounter is the best way to experience a few of the species that are native to Tennessee.

picture of the tram at Ober Mountain in the fall
Photo by @obermountain

Aerial Tramway

Witness the beauty of the Great Smoky Mountains on the Aerial Tramway. Jump on the tram in downtown Gatlinburg and enjoy the views as the tram takes you over 2.0 miles to the top of Ober Mountain’s mountain top park. This tram can hold up to 120 guests and departs from downtown Gatlinburg every 20 minutes so everyone can have a chance to ride the wonderful Aerial Tramway. The Aerial Tramway is a wonderful way to witness the beauty of the Smokies any season of the year.

photo collage of ice skating and ice bumper cars at Ober Mountain
Photos by @obermountain, photo collage by A Roberts/discoverthegreatsmokies.com

Ice Skating & Ice Bumper Cars

Hit the ice on Ober Mountain’s indoor ice rink featuring Ice Skating and Ice Bumper Cars. The indoor ice rink is 140′ X 75′ and is open year round. Ice Skating at the indoor ice rink is great for all levels of ice skaters. The indoor ice rink offers a handrail around the edge of the rink and is large enough for all levels of skaters.

Ice Bumper Cars is a fun way to experience the ice rink without any ice skating ability. Jump in your own colorful ice bumper cars and slip, slide, and bump others among the ice. The Ice Bumper Cars are given 1/3 of the ice skating rink to wander. Ice Skating and Ice Bumper Cars are a great way to experience an ice skating rink all year long.

picture of a kid riding ski mountain coaster at Ober Mountain
photo by @obermountain

Ski Mountain Coaster

Enjoy over 5 minutes of twists and turns on Ober Mountain’s Ski Mountain Coaster. Choose to slowly enjoy the beauty of the Smoky Mountains or choose to go up to 25 MPH on this thrilling mountain coaster. This Ski Mountain Coaster borders 3,750 feet of the mountain. Ski Mountain Coaster is a thrilling and fun way to experience the Great Smoky Mountains.

Best Activities At Ober Mountain Amusement Park

Whether you go skiing and snowboarding or riding the aerial tramway, there are so many fun things to do at Ober Mountain. Even if you visit in the winter, spring, summer or fall; Ober Mountain is a wonderful place to visit. Which activity will you try at Ober Mountain first?

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